Technology Summary
Ocular Diagnostic and Enhancement Products:
These are prefaced with their trade names and descriptive acronyms.

1. Minteractor MISRA: Meridional Interactive Subjective Refraction Apparatus: Table-top electro-optic technology for interactive clinical refraction to measure the eye for optical prescription. MISRA saves resources in eye doctor clinics and public health settings. The World Health Organization estimates that 1.3 billion people in the world need optical correction for refractive conditions.

2. Roboton STEP: Robotic Scanning Tonometer for Eye Pressure measurement: Advanced glaucoma diagnostic technology that incorporates corneal elastic resistance and tear surface tension in the measurement of eye pressure.
STEP differentiates between truly elevated and falsely high or falsely low eye pressure for better diagnostics and management of glaucoma. According to projections by the National Eye Institute, the number of people with glaucoma in the US will rise from 2.5 million (2010) to 4.1 million (2030).

3. Diabegon NIRA: Neural Integrity Retinal Assessment for the quantification of sensory retinal changes in diabetes. NIRA Detects and quantifies early neural changes in diabetes for preventive nutritional intervention. The number of people with type-2 diabetes in 2030 is projected to rise to 552 million according to the International Diabetes Federation.

4. Acutext TEAD: Text Enhancement Algorithmic Display for easier detection of text under conditions of partial visual impairment. TEAD Enables users of computer displays, tablets, and large format smart cell phones to more readily detect and recognize alphanumeric characters. According to Prevent Blindness America, the annual economic impact from visual impairment of adults in the US exceeds $50 billion (2007).
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