BenVR Team
CEO & Strategic Director
Dr. Karan R. Gregg Aggarwala

Recipient of the F-32 post-doctoral National Research Service Award from NIH, Dr. Aggarwala leads the innovations for Ben Vision Research. His professional web-profile can be accessed by entering these search terms: Author’s Guild, New York, Aggarwala.
Research Director
Dr. Israel Abramov

Professor Abramov has directed the Visual Neuroscience laboratory at the Infant Study Center of Brooklyn College for more than 3 decades. His expertise on visual optics, visual development, psychophysical methods, and eyegrowth process-physiology is known to academic departments worldwide.
Clinics Director
Dr. Harry Engel

Dr. Engel has reviewed our diagnostic devices design specs and is supportive for the part-time deployment of his clinic space and instrumentation. Ben Vision Research is honored to have him as a collaborating ophthalmology clinician and retina surgeon..
Philanthropy Director
Jasmin Timur

A kind-hearted negotiator trained from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Jasmin is certified as a medical biller. Ms. Timur received the 2013 Delta-Epsilon award for Economics. She has been active with Ben Vision Research on fiscal development and arbitration matters
Compliance Manager
Dr. Jeanmaire Manelski

Jeanmaire holds PhD degrees for experimental as well as clinical psychology. She is respected by her students for accurate valuation of their competence. Applications for Federal approvals and research projects are vetted by her. Dr. Malenski has been mentored into ophthalmic and visual neurosciences subject matter by CEO Aggarwala since 2012.
Support Manager
Mark Forman

Widely known and respected for timely engineering support, Mark is the owner and manager of Long Island Ophthalmic Service: tending diagnostic instrumentation to eye doctors, clinics, and hospitals for more than 20 years. Mark has been known to CEO Aggarwala since their meeting at a 2014 conference held in New York at the Jacob Javitz Center.
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