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Dr. Karan R Gregg Aggarwala (President)
Recipient of the F-32 post-doctoral National Research Service Award from NIH, Dr. Aggarwala leads the innovations and strategy for Ben Vision Research. His professional web-profile is accessible by entering 3 search terms: Author’s Guild, Aggarwala, New York.
Jeanmaire Manelski (Vice-President)
Jeanmaire holds PhD degrees for experimental, as well as for clinical psychology. As an outsider to clinical eye care, she provides a unique perspective to our innovation plans, being well familiar with Ben Vision Research our 2009 inception.
Warren W. Ward (Engineering Director)
After a mention in Don Kelly’s 1995 textbook (Visual Science & Engineering), Dr. Aggarwala flew to Austin Texas to meet Warren for the construction of 2-Gen prototype for the BenVR subjective eye refractor. Warren has expertise in LASER physics and precision eye movement infrared control systems.
Mark Forman (Instrumentation Director)
Mark owns and operates Long Island Ophthalmic Service for 25 years and more. He brings market knowledge and technical experience to the team, being associated since 2014. Mr. Forman also bears responsibility for supporting our instrumentation buyers for after-sales education and training.
Dr. Harry Engel (Clinics Director)
At his upper west-side Manhattan private office, Dr. Engel reviewed the patented BenVR subjective eye refractor specifications and has made available his retinal diagnostics clinical facility for grant submissions to SBIR NIH/ NSF; and toward scaled clinical trials tests prior to commercialization: in accordance with informed consent human subjects guidelines from 1964 Helsinki Declaration.
Israel Abramov (Neuroscience Director)
Professor Abramov directed the Visual Neuroscience laboratory at Brooklyn College for more than 3 decades. He provides wise counsel on eye-growth mechanisms in relation to myopia and thresholds for the detection of light flashes stimuli at peripheral retinal locations.
Dr. Robert Ritch (Glaucoma Director)
Dr. Ritch is perhaps, the most celebrated glaucoma researcher known equally well to Japan, Thailand, Germany and Texas. The Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study (OHTS) hosted in New York under his direction included Dr. Aggarwala on the data gathering team; as also testing for the Heidelberg Retinal Tomography apparatus.
Henryk Kasprzak (Academic Director)
In 1998, Dr. Aggarwala received invitation from Professor Henryk Kasprzak (then Director of the Visual Optics team at the Institute of Physics, Wroclaw) to present at the European Optical Society meeting in Poland. The experience was unforgettable. We remain on good terms for future planned ventures across Europe and countries of the former USSR.
Andrew Berks (Legal Advisor)
Expert on matters of intellectual property, PhD qualified attorney Andrew Berks has been chief legal advisor to Ben Vision Research since 2017. Despite his very busy schedule, Andy provides competent, timely advice on commercial launch for diagnostic instrumentation and for nutraceutical formulations.
Professional Resources
Local library (NYAM) resources in New York, as well as the NYAS have been useful. Access to member directory of Authors Guild, SPIE, AAAS, INCOSE, and the IEEE as well have been available. The Financial Times and Barron’s Weekly stand out as far as business intelligence for Ben Vision Research.
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