Inspired by the inventive genius of Benjamin Franklin,
Ben Vision was formed in 1995, renamed as Ben Vision Research in 2009.
Our business ethics comprise:
1) Innovation based on genuine and significant unmet need
2) Device development engineering based on ocular sciences physiology
3) Sourcing components from reliable vendors that have presence in the USA
4) Mentoring potential buyers through publications and presentations

Our work spans the following domains:
A) Diagnostic devices for eye physicians: especially concerning diabetic retina and glaucoma eye-pressure
B) Electronic and ergonomic tools for the disabled and visually impaired
C) Monitoring functional parameters in alcoholics and school-dropouts
D) Innovation to ensure safety of moving vehicles.
To develop and commercialize methods and technologies that
reduce waste and enhance human potential.
1. To develop medical diagnostic instruments that utilize optics.
2. To empower older adults who are professionally accomplished.
3. To develop protocols for better education of children and teenagers.
4. To help restore geographically defined ecosystems.
Ben Vision Research, Inc. 1410 York Avenue Suite 6E New York, NY 10021 Phone: (212) 717-1015

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