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1. Clinical Trials

Robotic Refractor (Meridional Interactive Subjective Refraction Apparatus-- MISRA)

Clinical trials of this "interactive monocular subjective ocular refraction device" are planned in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania starting February, 2014. We encourage doctors of optometry who have FCOVD certification for binocular vision to participate in these clinical trials so as to enable future training of eye care personnel in binocular vision rehabilitation in relation to ergonomic factors at the computer workstation and in various occupational settings.

We further encourage doctors of optometry who practice rehabilitation of the visually impaired (defined here as binocular visual acuity equal to or less than 20/40 Snellen equivalent) to participate because the Robotic Refractor can conduct accurate testing of eyeglass prescription even in eyes that have impaired retinal function from macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, early to moderate cataract, or macular holes.

2. Infrastructure

(i) Office space: Dedicated office space of 1250 square feet on the upper east side of Manhattan
(ii) Laboratory space: Dedicated laboratory space of 2350 square feet in Midtown Mahnattan
(iii) Conference space: Conference facilities for upto 35 attendees rented as needed on Madison Avenue (56th Street)

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