Inspired by the inventive genius of Benjamin Franklin, Ben Vision Research, a New York company, develops and commercializes diagnostic technology for eye doctors and enhancement products for partially sighted individuals.

We also address the visual ergonomic needs of the electronics and automobile industries. Ben Vision Research is in the process of developing applications in solar energy, waste reduction, and ecology.
For eye care, we apply advanced developments in the sciences of visual optics, retinal neurology, and ocular biophysics to the clinical needs of optometrists and ophthalmologists.
Ben Vision Research works with a team of optical and robotic engineers, vision scientists, ophthalmologists, research optometrists, and public health professionals. 
To develop and commercialize methods and technologies that
reduce waste and enhance human potential.
1. To develop medical diagnostic instruments that utilize optics.
2. To empower older adults who are professionally accomplished.
3. To develop protocols for better education of children and teenagers.
4. To help restore geographically defined ecosystems.
Ben Vision Research, Inc. 1410 York Avenue Suite 6E New York, NY 10021 Phone: (212) 717-1015

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